Human Communication Research

Human Communication Research concentrates on presenting the best empirical work in the area of human communication. The journal works to advance understanding of human symbolic processes with a strong emphasis on theory-driven research, the development of new theoretical models in communication, and the development of innovative methods for observing and measuring communication behavior. The journal has a broad social-science focus and as important applications to scholars in psychology, sociology, linguistics, and anthropology, as well as areas of communication studies. Human Communication Research is one of the official journals of the prestigious International Communication Association and is read by more than 3,500 of its members. It is a top-ranked communication studies journal and one of the top ten journals in the field of human communication. Major topic areas for the journal include language and social interaction, nonverbal communication, interpersonal communication, organizational communication and new technologies, mass communication, health communication, intercultural communication, and developmental issues in communication. Human Communication Research’s current Impact Factor is 3.000*. In the Journal Citation Reports from Clarivate, 2021Human Communication Research ranked 35th out of 94 journals in the communication category.