Printing, Copying, Scanning

Yes, there is a machine in the liibrary for your scan, print or photocopy services. Scan is free while print and copy services are paid using your Macaupass card, charges are shown in the table below:

Service Type Paper Size Black&White Colour
Print & Photocopy A4 0.50 2.00
A3 0.50 2.00


Yes, we have 12 computers in Ilha Verde Campus and 8 computers in Saint Joseph Seminary.


1.    Do not use the library computers to play games or watch movies.
2.    Do not install or uninstall any programme on any computer. Only IT staff may do so.
3.    If any device of the computer is not working, do not fix it rather kindly report the


Yes, we have a locker for the library patrons to keep their personal items for a short period. First come, first serve.