Research and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

USJ is committed to contributing to the advancement of the SDG, through its teaching, community outreach, and research.

A significant part of our application is related to research listed by Elsevier, following the open methodology based on UN SDGs. Research published with keywords that link to specific SDGs by USJ Faculty and Students will be considered in THE Impact Rankings.

If you are submitting an article for publication in a journal indexed in SCOPUS, that may fit one of the SDGs, we suggest that you use one or more of these words in your abstract or keywords. This will help your research be more easily identified.

A complete dataset with logic connectors is available online. The insight of your contribution will mark in the university research output databases, contact the library for any questions about research keywords.

E-WEB-Goal-01E-WEB-Goal-02E-WEB-Goal-03E-WEB-Goal-04E WEB Goal 05E WEB Goal 06

E WEB Goal 07E WEB Goal 08E WEB Goal 09E WEB Goal 10E WEB Goal 11E WEB Goal 12

E WEB Goal 13E WEB Goal 14E WEB Goal 15E WEB Goal 16E WEB Goal 17


Userful Links

  1. Sugguested Keywords for Your Publication (here)
  2. Key Topics of SDGs (here)
  3. 2030 Agenda (here)