ATLA Historical Monographs I

The American Theological Library Association (Atla) Historical Monographs Collection- Series 1 presents more than 15,000 titles from 13th Century through the 1893 World Parliament of Religions. This is the first of two monograph series to be offered by EBSCO Publishing from the Atla’s historical monograph archives. Series 1 is a vast collection containing over 5 million pages of content. The historical time period of the collection reflects upon a time of great doctrinal, social, and organizational change.  Since religion was such an integral part of the social, political and economic fabric of life during the time period of this collection, historians researching a wide range of areas, not just religion, will find invaluable material relevant to their work.  The collection covers a wide range of material with unparalleled depth and breadth.  It includes many volumes documenting the recovery of languages used during the biblical era and provides an in-depth view of the way that interest in, and knowledge of, biblical languages emerged during the nineteenth century, an important foundation for today’s study and understanding of biblical languages. It also contains titles in Aramaic, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew and Syriac.


Included in American Theological Library Association (Atla) Historical Monographs Collection- Series 1 are books about prayer, the history of prayer, explication of prayers, and similar titles. It also contains volumes on devotional material, spiritualism, and the pursuit of holiness and sanctification. In addition, it includes a significant number of published works about the manuscripts in the collection and their discovery and many manuscripts as they were later republished in book form.  There are numerous biographies of great leaders of the Church, from its early days (Augustine) to the time of the Reformation (Luther, Calvin, Wesley). A significant part of the collection represents topics ranging from the early, middle and recent history of Christianity, to Christian life and ethics, pastoral theology, and devotional literature. The collection includes writings of major scholars and writers in Christian history – Augustine, Soren Kierkegaard, Adolf von Harnack, etc. The American Theological Library Association (Atla) Historical Monographs Collection -- Series 1 holds key documents by and about all of these traditions and lays the foundation for the understanding of the Eastern religions with the World Parliament of Religions in 1893. Researchers who want to study the impact of evolutionary theory on religious thought and practice will have a rich and comprehensive collection to explore in the Atla Historical Monographs Collection.