Two New International Library Alliances

This week, the University of Saint Joseph signed the agreements that officially establishes two important academic library alliances promoted by the University of Macau to develop the academic cooperation between China, Macau and the Portuguese speaking countries. Being among the founding members of these two alliances is an essential step towards expanding our international network.

The Academic Library Alliance for Portuguese Language Resources between the Macao Special Administrative Region and the Chinese Mainland (ABAMACHINA) aims to develop the cooperation between academic libraries of Macau and mainland China and promote the sharing of resources in the Portuguese language. This alliance comprises, for now, a total of 21 members from Macau and mainland China.

The goal of the Academic Library Alliance between Macao Special Administrative Region (China) and the Portuguese Speaking Countries (ABAMAPLP) is to strengthen the cooperation between local academic libraries and university libraries from the Portuguese speaking countries. This alliance comprises, for now, a total of 20 members from Macau, Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape-Vert and East Timor.

If you want to know more about these alliances, including searching the federated search engines of the ABAMACHINA libraries, you can follow the URL below.