Life Library

“Life Library” is an activity to let people understand why Libraries are more than just books, it’s about people, knowledge, critical thinking, interest and relaxation.
This event gives an opportunity for our guest speakers to share their own interests and experience with others. A real conversation, which enables people to connect, learn and be inspired. This event is part of the Macau Library Week 2019 activities.

Our guests are:

Macau Blacklist Music - The first local music band in hip hop. This band was found in 2011. Their songs are about livelihood, society sarcasm. That’s why the band is called Blacklist. The inspiration for their music reflects the reality of life, social dissatisfaction and hope for the future.

Cuchi Cuchi Bookhouse Owner - Lily was a social worker in Macau, she started to contact with picture books because of social work. She loves books and coffee and she tried to live with something different. Thus, Cuchi Cuchi bookhouse was founded. 

Film Director (Tracy Choi) - Macau native Tracy Choi Ian Sin studied filmmaking at Taiwan’s Shih Hsin University. In 2012 her documentary short “I’m Here” won the Jury Award at the Macau International Film. Tracy is considered one of Macau’s up-and-coming filmmaker.

In summary, by organizing this event, our community will have the privilege of listening to the speakers who leveraged their talents for active social participation. Through music, art and film, the speakers adopted a subtle way of expressing the concerns of the society, which hopefully acts as the needed catalyst for social change. Our community will be inspired to chase their dreams while making a positive impact on society.