About the Library

Mission Statment

Considering the values, principles and goals of the University our mission as an academic Library is to be a key element in the professional, social and human development of the community by supporting the enhancement of its literacy level and information research skills in order to become better informed and self-reliant professionals as well as more responsible citizens.


  • To respond efficiently to all the information needs of the academic community for its teaching, learning and researching activities by providing the appropriate information resources in all areas of knowledge in teaching at the university;
  • To organize and provide access to all the documentation produced by the academic community in the course of its activities (dissertations, papers, etc.);
  • To encourage partnerships and develop a strong network with similar institutions;
  • To provide, whenever possible, for the appropriate solutions so that library resources and services could be efficiently used by those who for physical reasons are unable to access them in the usual formats;
  • To gradually promote the access for the non-academic community to our resources, services and activities, assuming the library as a local and regional partner in the information and documentation network system;
  • To promote regularly activities that could reinforce our role towards the fulfilment of our mission;
  • To become efficiently complementary, regarding our collection and services, in what concerns our regional partners, namely the ones of the Macau Academic Libraries Alliance.



  • All our services, tasks, procedures and events will always be developed considering the international standards for library management and quality control. We believe that, although not mandatory, these principles and standards will be one of the most appropriate tools to achieve a service of excellence for our patrons and stakeholders;
  • All library resources will be available equally to all its patrons regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, language and social or professional status;
  • The resources will always be selected and available without any ideological, political or religious censorship and without pressure of any nature, commercial or other;
  • The Library assumes and identifies itself with the guidelines drawn up by UNESCO in its UNESCO/IFLA Manifesto for the School Libraries.