MALA - Macau Academic Libraries Alliance

Realizing the importance and benefit of cooperation among the academic libraries in Macau by pooling their resources together, the Tertiary Education Services Office of Macao Government (GAES), with coordination effort made by the Macao Library & Information Management Association (MLIMA), had proposed to the higher education institutions in Macau for their libraries to form an alliance. This alliance includes nine higher education institutions libraries in Macau. Its main task is to achieve the mutual cooperation, share their core resources and build up an effective communication platform, so as to attain a cost-benefit way on library acquisitions, resources development and sharing, inter-library loan and also administrative expenses.

Macau Academic Library Alliance E-Resources Center is a virtual platform to house some commonly-used electronic databases, which are used by staff and students in these institutions in Macau. Staff and students in these higher education institutions in Macau can go to this website to have authorized access to all the electronic resources included.

For our USJ Library, being part of the Macau Academic Libraries Alliance has been an opportunity to enhance the quality of the resources available to the academic community, while sharing the knowledge and expertise with our fellow colleagues of other academic institutions in Macau.

Please contact the Library for more information, specially concerning the Interlibrary Loan Card (check link bellow for the proper regulations)