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Please contact USJ Library for any questions that aren't answered here.

Library Study Rooms Guidelines

Users and Availability

The Library has five study rooms available on the first floor at Ilha Verde Campus. These rooms are made available for study, group work and tutorials. The study rooms are available for the university staff and students and guest readers from 9.00 a.m. to 0.00 a.m. every day. The maximum capacity for each room is up to 4 people in room number one and up to 6 people in rooms two to five.

How to Reserve

Reserve the study room through the online booking system which is available here:
http://libraryportal.usj.edu.mo/mrbs (we recommend you to use Chrome). To login, one should use the USJ ID (staff or student) and your password. Contact the library in case of any problems or suggestions (library@usj.edu.mo).

General Principles and Guidelines

  1. Study rooms are for quiet discussions and study. The Library belongs to us all. Please be considerate of others at all times.
  2. Be certain that you need to use a study room before you book one. Remember that the library has a spacious reading room, another large study room freely available on the first floor (Room 6) and two tables in the corridor that would respond well to the necessary space and quietness required for studying.
  3. In case a group needs to use a study room, the library staff might ask the user using a room for longer that day to move to the library reading room instead. Group work has priority over individual study.
  4. You can book the rooms for a total of 6 hours every day, and the maximum advance booking is two days. If the initial booking period has elapsed and there is no request for the same space, patrons are allowed to extend their stay after getting the approval from either the security guard on duty or the library staff.
  5. Within the library opening hours at Ilha Verde, you should approach the library staff to get the key. Outside the opening hours, you should get it from the security guard on duty at the ground floor of the Residential Hall. We might ask for a  valid proof of ID to confirm your booking.
  6. If you are accompanied by someone that is not a university student or staff member, please inform the library staff or the security guard in advance.
  7. It is much appreciated that you clear the room on time to ensure that the next user can take full advantage of his/her booking. You should leave the room in good order. Please inform library staff or security if you find anything unusual when you get inside.
  8. After 30 minutes we will cancel the booking if you don’t show up. Please inform the library staff by email if you are late.
  9. All patrons should leave the facilities by 00.00 a.m. The security guard will remind patrons 15 minutes before closing time.
  10. Please avoid eating inside the rooms. Water is fine, and we recommend that you drink plenty of water while you are studying.
  11. Personal items should not be left unattended inside the rooms. The university is not responsible for any loss or damaged items. If you need to leave the room for periods longer than 15 minutes, you should inform the library staff or the security guard on duty.
  12. To ensure safety and a smooth operation of this service, kindly mind the requests and instruction of the library staff or the security guard.