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This usage guide will help you navigate through all Library resources. It is a complex task and we are doing our best to make it as simple as possible in such a way that you can focus in what really matters, your studies and research, and not in mastering complicated systems or tools.

We very much appreciate your

Do you want to improve your study and research skills?

USJ library is organizing regular training sessions and tutorials for students on how to use Library resources and tools. Kindly check the training sessions program and reserve your place.

 The training session program is as follows:

  1. Why we should use reliable and scholarly

Learn how to access your USJ Library while off campus.

Step1 - On the home page of this Portal you will find a search box in the center where you can start performing your search, or under the link "Resources" you will find all the related information about your Library Resources.

Step 2 - After pressing "Enter" or click on "Search" button

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