The USJ Chronicle was first published by the USJ Journalism Club (which was founded at the beginning of the 2014-2015 semester). Its magazine aims to be an informative and inclusive project that provides a platform to give students a voice and a safe place to get exposure of their creative work. It includes exclusive interviews with faculty members, student columns and student work features and is open to contributions.


In this first March 2015 Issue:

  • Up Close with Emilie Tran: an exclusive interview with Prof. Emilie Tran | Daniel Vendramini - p.8
  • Long Distance Relationships: an account about loving from afar | Joel Godinho Lobo - p.10
  • Life Through a Lens: documenting life on-the-go | Eloa Defly - p.12
  • Persion Arts: a little Persian gem | Dan Shalev and Daniel Vendramini - p.14
  • Is Rugby Right for You?: keeping fit in Macau | Daniel Vendramini - p.14
  • Kalosthenos: from weak to strong | from weak to strong - p.15
  • The Eagle Eye: on positive journalism | Prof. Jose Manuel Simões - p.16
  • USJ LCM Student Work Exhibition: the masterpieces of 2014 | USJ Official Publication - p.18

Publisher: USJ Journalism Club
Director: Dan Shalev
Chief Editor: Daniel Vendramini