Cultural Studies in China. Tao Dongfeng & Jin Yuanpu Eds. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish International, 2005.

Originally published in Chinese in 1991, selected chapters of the book were then translated in English in 2005. This selection covers all aspects of Cultural Studies in China at the time.

An excellent historical background of the field heavily influenced by its European and North-American origins to the development of a Chinese specificity in a dialogue of traditions is offered in the introduction. For the travellers and historians among us, chapter 8 entitled, “From Shamballa to Shangri-La…” might be of particular interest as it explains the origins and reality of this “orientalist fantasy” (p. 165).

Suggested by Prof. Lucie Bernier


Available in USJ Library, NAPE1 (Call Number: 306.0951 CUL 2005)