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    Wisers is the leading provider of time sensitive and mission-critical information from Greater China. Every day, more than 700,000 new articles are received and uploaded to our databases, often hours before any other information source - often before the publications even hit the street. If it' s happening in Greater China, Wisers has it covered. Wisers maintains relationships with thousands of key titles, websites, and other top-tier content publishers serving the Greater China market.

    These include: People's Daily, China Business Times, Economic Daily and Xinhua Economic News in the Mainland; Hong Kong Economic Times, South China Morning Post and Apple Daily in Hong Kong; China Times, Commercial Times and United Daily News in Taiwan; as well as thousands of specialist business and consumer titles and trade journals. The result is an unmatched breadth and depth of content totalling more than 500 million individual articles, dating back to 1993 and accelerated at a pace of average 700,000 news articles per day.