Since its founding in Beijing in 1935 at the Fu-Jen Catholic University, Monumenta Serica. Journal of Oriental Studies has been one of the leading sinological journals. It is published annually featuring scholarly articles and book reviews by renowned sinologists from Europe, North America and Asia on the topics of the archaeology, history, religion (Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Islam and folk religion), philosophy, art and literature of China and adjacent countries in East and Central Asia till the end of the Qing empire in 1911. This twofold focus is expressed in the names of the journal: While the Latin expression “Monumenta Serica” means “Chinese relics” or “Records of Chinese culture,” the Chinese name Huayi xuezhi 華裔學志 can be translated as “Scholarly Journal on China and her Neighbouring Countries.” The latter name was chosen by Chen Yuan (1880–1971), then president of Fu Jen University.