I am marvelled by the wisdom, respect and pursuit of knowledge inheritance of the ancients through this learning experience of traditional Islamic and limp binding techniques. As the carrier of human civilisation, books recorded the origin and transitions of various cultures on the numerous pages and were passed down through the years. We could

I have learnt about the patience and concentration in the process of book restoration. One should never be hasty to the result but start with proper documentation of recording the condition of the book. After inspecting the damages, corresponding restoration methods and materials are to be set up. Temperature, humidity and a clean and stable

In the autumn of 2019, I learnt about book restoration under the mentor of Ms Ocean Sam. In a blink, two modern books have been restored, which have benefitted me a lot. Along the journey of exploration, I have experienced that conserving a book requires careful and detailed treatments since it is bound. From each trace found in a book, we can

Ever since I noticed the presence of the department for restoring rare books in the Library a few years ago, I have been hoping to be a volunteer there. Nonetheless, being just an armature, I listened to the advice given by Mr Chan Chi Leong, “Participate in some professional training first.” This was how things started.

In 2018, when everyone

Islamic binding and limp binding are utterly different in terms of structure, style as well as background. The experience of binding sample books by myself has indeed increased my interest in book bind history. Theoretical lessons and practicum allowed me to understand how to apply science to conservation. Observation and documentation were my