Macao Institute of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Relics (MICRCR) is a non-profit community. It has been organising variety of events to promote local development of conservation and restoration of cultural relics for more than thirteen years.

Coordinating alongside this exhibition, MICRCR organises a series of seminars and workshops. Also, from the beginning of next year onwards, after exhibiting in the main venue, an itinerant exhibition will be held in other organisations and institutions in Macao. During the curation, we are grateful to have the support and donations from our friends in China, Hong Kong and Macao for making the events and itinerant exhibition fruitful and successful.

Heartfelt gratitudes are expressed to our most generous donors listed below.


Ms Ao
Mr He Jia Bing (Frank)
A Mustard Seed
Law Sio Kuan (Fanny)
Ms F. Mok
Mr Cheng Wah Kwan
Ms F
Mr Yip
Ms Ieong Weng Chi
Mr Loki Lok
Ms Niu
Ms Ou Ping
Ms Law Bok Yung
Ms Wong Sok I (Zoe)
Mr Chan Kin Wing (Ethan)
Ms Ho Lai Chu (Tammy)
Ms Chan Tak Hou
Mr Chu Weng Kit
Ms Yue Wai Sze
Ms Tin (Mandy)
Ms Zhang Yan Ling (Violin)
Mr Wong Im Kun (William)
Mr Lam Weng Neng
Ms Tam Pou Iok (Joyce)
Mr Lei Sin Tong (Tommy)
Mr Sima Hui Rong
Mr Lam Chi Kei
Ms Leong Weng Sam
Ms L.S.Y.
Mr Y

Mr Au Yip Kan (Lawrence)
Ms Yuen Shuk Ching (Rita)
Ms Wong Sin Sin (Sandy)
Mr Gao Dong Hui
Mr Ye Hai
Mr Lao Giam Hui
Mr Qian Tang Gen
Ms Wu Dong Xia

*In No Particular Order